Friday, January 2, 2009

Facebook Blues

Facebook and other social networking sites are great. You get to contact old friends and meet new friends. Even though I've never met many of my Facebook friends in person, I have had conversations with many of them and I genuinely like them. They're nice people.

And when someone is kind enough to accept my friendship request or extend their friendship to me, I feel it is polite to acknowledge them with a nice thank you note. I was doing that today, I had a lot of people to write to, but part way through my list, Facebook blocked my access to making wall posts.

I hate being rude. It doesn't sit well with me. It leaves a bad impression with people and a bad taste in my mouth. So being cut off is upsetting to me. To some people, it may seem silly to be upset by this. But it really annoys me. It's like being told to "shut up" while greeting someone in public by some busy body. 

So I've emailed Facebook to see if this is a permanent thing or if I can somehow get off their 
"sh**-list". I explained what I was doing and why. Maybe if I keep my thank-yous down to ten per day that will be enough.

So for those of you who haven't received a post from me yet, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I appreciate your friendship and would like to get to know each of you better in the future.

Okay, I feel a bit better now.


Jo-Anne Vandermeulen said...

Dear Annoyed;

I was wondering the same thing about Facebook. I'd like to join your letter to the Facebook Editor. I haven't been cut-off yet, but lots of warnings. Now what's with that? I hate having a limit on who and how long I can chat with my friends. Perhaps they are trying to control us so they can change it to a "Paying site"? Any information on how to get off their sh*t list, I'll be waiting to hear. I'm with yeah girl.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
“Conquer All Obstacles”
Prolific Writer of Romantic Fiction

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing Brooke. I think it only happens when you paste a hyperlink into the post or message.The reason behind this is to stop massive spam attacks on Facebook.They can't differentiate between our genuine messages and spam so I suppose you would call it a safety feature.
All the Best.
Stan Rogers..xx