Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I have learned (or already knew) in 2008

We've made it through another year (heaving a big sigh). 2008 had some ups and some downs. So what have I learned?
  1. My family supports me through thick and thin. I knew this before but in the past year it was very clearly illustrated to me. I really, REALLY know this now.
  2. Really good friends are like diamonds. Hard to find but precious to behold.
  3. Democracy is very fragile, even in first world countries. Look at the current Canadian political crisis.
  4. China can paint a cheery face on their massive social problems, but in the end, it's just stage makeup. Wonder what happened to all the Beijing vagrants after the Olympics.
  5. Rampant greed on Wall Street adversely affected the entire world, trashing the world economy.
  6. eHarmony and other online relationship websites seem to be taking off in popularity, now more than ever. Good thing? Maybe. Bad thing? Just be careful. Meeting people online requires that the genuine participants exercise due diligence when meeting their matches or giving out personal information.
  7. Salsa dancing is great exercise, fun and sexy as hell.
  8. Letting go of past hurts is essential in order to move forward.
  9. When threatened with violence, act as insane as humanly possible, if you can't get away. No one wants to mess with insane people.
  10. No one has the right to emotionally, mentally, verbally, sexually or physically abuse you or your family. Protect yourself and your family. 
  11. Live your life with a musical soundtrack - makes commuting, housework, working, writing so much more enjoyable.
  12. Dance at least once a day.
  13. Sing at least once a day.
  14. Laugh every day.
  15. Exercise a little every day.
  16. Feed and nurture your body properly and take care of yourself. You only get one body. Don't pollute it.
  17. Feed and nurture your mind properly. You only get one mind (unless you have multiple personality disorder which is a whole other problem) so be aware of what you're feeling and why you are feeling a particular way. Your core beliefs inform your feelings - explore your core beliefs and if some do not serve you well, change them. Get help if you need it.
  18. Love yourself. No one else knows you better.
  19. Meditate on a daily basis.
  20. Stand up for yourself. You are your best champion. Set your boundaries and stick by them. You  teach others how to treat you, so teach them to respect you.
  21. Achieving your dreams takes patience, persistence and more persistence.
  22. Do something that scares you (but won't hurt you or anyone else) like public speaking. It expands your life.
  23. You are perfectly, fragilely human. 
  24. Don't point fingers. Someone said once something like "let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
  25. Instant messaging/chatting online is great but can land you with some startling results. No, I'm not explaining this one :)
  26. "No" is not the final word, unless something criminal or unethical is happening.
  27. Miracles are scientific or spiritual things we don't understand.
  28. Try to be nicer to people than necessary because you never know what they're going through behind the scenes.
  29. The unexpected happen every day.
  30. You can change your life in a single second.
  31. There are exceptions to everything.
That's probably not all I learned or knew in 2008 and I could keep going but I'm going to stop here.

Have a wonderful, prosperous, Happy New Year and may all your fondest dreams, desires and wishes come true.

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Grace Bridges said...

Great list! Thanks for posting.