Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fear Not, My Love

Fear not, my Love,
The passage of time against which
We sail into the unknown ages

To make love of our words,
To experience our expense,
To laugh at our selves, our lives,
Was worth the price

Subtlety amidst the obvious
Shrouded against the world
We converged souls and grew to be more,
Became one for a single spark of eternity

Though we never met
We are together
Though we never touched
We are lovers
Though our time short
We are forever

Copyright © Brooke London 2008


The Flower of Scotland said...

'Tis not a voyage made alone
When once 'tis seen that we are one;
And years it's luster cannot dim.

The sails are full with love abrim
And spilling o'er; the seas we skim
Lighthearted tho' we are.

No nightly gale dost touch the spar
That takes our tiny bark afar
From every earthly care and woe.

We seek to find and seek to know
Each other's warmth and tender glow
Of love. Enwrap'd in silken thread.

But this is more than silken thread;
It's bands of light to raise the dead
And dying embers of the voice

That daily echoes loves own choice
Of melody to tug and hoist
Above the troubles of our plight.

Yea, tho' the sails sail into night
And tho' we're chastened by our fright,
Still will I hold your words so dear

To my breast this end of year.
For none I'd rather have as near
As you through seas we sail.

And as I gaze beyond the rail
To distant shores that tell the tale
Of what a dazzling light we are.

Indeed, a brilliant double star
We make, not daring e'er to mar
The perfect beauty of the day

That gave us birth in its own way;
This day of birth is our birthday;
The stars, the sun see we are One.

sirknightbob said...

Sunsets are pretty
Red Sunsets are rare
Sunsets are special when viewed with someone you care
Sunsets are radiant
Sunsets are serene
Sunsets are quiet and can say what you mean
Sunsets are beautiful
And as warm as well
But they are so very special
When you get to share them with a beautiful lady as well
She's mysterious and quiet and sometimes will not speak
But I miss hearing from her
and she is someone I would like to meet
Poet LoveArrow
Copyright ©2009  Poet LoveArrow

sirknightbob said...

The poem was very good...painted a picture of your heart...really loved it :)