Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wonderful review of Pitch Dark in RT Book Reviews magazine, November 2009 issue!

PITCH DARK received a fantastic four out of five star rating from RT Book Reviews magazine! I am thrilled to death with the review - my first attempt at fiction got published and landed four stars out of the gate with a well-recognized and well-respected voice in romantic fiction. Thank you to reviewer Barb Anderson!

RT Rating:
Publisher: CERRIDWEN
Type: Romantic Suspense
This story has the perfect mix of romance and suspense, with plenty of twists to hold your interest. London has created two strong-willed and passionate characters. Connor and Alyssa strike sparks off each other whether they're fighting or making up.

Summary: Former intelligence operative Connor Donnelly, now the CEO and president of Energy Unlimited, has been negotiating a co-venture between his company and a company owned by Douglas Tiernan. Douglas' granddaughter, Alyssa, wants to protect her grandfather's interests and offers to meet with Connor at his headquarters in Colorado.

Alyssa and Connor are wary of each other but also very attracted. When their lives are threatened, they are thrown into a world of espionage and terrorism, and Connor and Alyssa will have to combine their skills to stay alive. (CERRIDWEN, Jun., 349 pp., $18.99) HOT

—Barb Anderson

The HOT rating means: Most romantic fiction falls into this category. Ranges from conventional love making to explicit sex.
The Four Star Rating: Compelling. A Page Turner.

Yay!! Got it right the first time and it'll only get better from here!

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