Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Eventful Week - Birthday Prezzies from the Publishing World and Beyond

I have to say that this past week has been one of the more eventful weeks than I've had in a while. This is a very good thing, btw. :) I celebrated my birthday on June 26 (Friday) and spent the day indulging my interest in photography, starting at dawn. I found out on the week-end that my novel, Pitch Dark, is now available in paperback from my publisher, Cerridwen Press.

In addition, last week I found two more reviews of Pitch Dark, which are fantastic. I even got the Night Owl Romance Reviewer Top Pick designation for Pitch Dark. Yay! The reviewer from Joyfully Reviewed enthusiastically enjoyed Pitch Dark. Pitch Dark, to date, is doing really well with the reviewers - something that has affirmed my choice of writing. If you select the links below, you'll be taken directly to the reviews of Pitch Dark.

Night Owl Romance wrote, "Pitch Dark was an awesome read from beginning to ending. I loved the whole suspense, betrayal and lies twisting in the book. The attraction between Connor and Alyssa was great. You can tell they both are afraid to love because of their pasts but man the heat between them is explosive. Even the grandfather in the book was great to read. His attempts of matchmaking will really make you smile. This is the first I have read of Brooke London and it won’t be the last. Brooke London knows her men, action and how to create chemistry between her characters. All of that just makes her books worth reading." 

Joyfully Reviewed wrote, "In Pitch Dark Alyssa and Connor are going find the answer.  Alyssa had to leave the job that gave her joy when she could not let her gifts be used for harm.  Connor was only hoping for a big dollar partnership when he found an unexpected love.  I thought that Alyssa and Connor were the perfect foil for the other, being so different.  I just loved learning new things about both of them that enhanced their personalities.  While the sparking passion and corky humor would have kept my attention, it was the thrilling suspense that kept me turning the pages to discover just what would come next.  If having espionage, betrayal, spies and danger along with your romance has you grabbing for a story as it does me, then Pitch Dark is a must read for you."

Madame Butterfly wrote, "Pitch Dark is one of the best romantic suspense novels I’ve read in a while. There’s a nice easy flow to Brooke London’s writing style and from this book, she has an ability to write well rounded, complex characters while keeping them from coming across as stereotypical and stale. Her ability to slowly build up on the plot and keep the tension going at just the right pace is just as fine. I’ll definitely be looking out for more of her books."

I am just so completely thrilled: Pitch Dark, even though it is a first book, is getting wonderful reviews and has just been published in paperback. I am so happy. Hopefully, I will be finished the sequel to Pitch Dark in the next few weeks with the working title "Blinding Light". 

I have a new life, a new career, new friends and a new me. What more could a girl ask for??

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Tim said...

Hi Brooke,
It's fantastic to see you're getting so much success with your first book!
It was a very eventful week indeed. :)
cheers and all the best with the new life