Saturday, April 11, 2009


I hear so many people say that someone is their hero. Actors and famous people qualify as heroes to many people. I can’t say that I fall into this category. I require my heroes to be something important, something special, someone who strives to be more, better, someone worth my admiration. My hero, and I only have one, is my younger sister.

She has all the qualities I admire. She has truly been to hell and back, something most people will never, could never, understand. And no matter the odds, she keeps fighting to improve her life, herself, contribute to the people around her. She is kind, caring, understanding, resilient and wise beyond her years. She started university five or so years ago with the odds stacked against her. She has persevered, worked incredibly hard and never lost sight of her goals when most people would have given up and said it was too difficult, too much.

Anyone who knows her will tell you the same thing. With determination, sheer grit and single-minded purpose, she has taken control of and responsibility for her life. She has a wonderful man who loves her completely and who she loves completely in return. Her life is busy, difficult but filled with people who love and care for her. Because of who she is.

She wages a war every single day. And every single day, she wins against doubts and setbacks by not throwing in the towel. She doesn’t give up. I have never seen or known anyone who works as hard, tries as hard, as she does.

I am proud to call her my sister, my friend, my confidant.

My hero.

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My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Thank you Brooke, it's wonderful that you have a close relationship to such an amazing sister. I don't know the hardships she has faced, but that not important part. What is important is the deep bond that holds you together, that make each of you stronger because of the other.
It's inspiring that hold someone so close to you in such in regard. It makes life easier and sweeter.