Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sun, Sand and Sangria

Sun, sand and sangria. Sounds good right about now, doesn't it? Well, it does if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are in the midst of winter's snow and cold. Unless you're one of those polar bear club people who have decided to embrace winter against all reason and common sense. Hey, if it makes you happy, go for it. Just don't complain to me if your heart stops from utter shock. Embracing winter makes a lot of sense when you live in a northern climate - skiing, sledding, snowball fights, skating - and why DO winter activities seem to start with an S anyway? To match the S in snow?? Another question for the ages. After all, who wants to be stuck indoors for  six months of the year?

Personally, I  don't appreciate the cold. I'd rather move south for winter and come back for summer. I can be one of those snow birds (no, not Canadian Geese). I want to be a beach bunny, one who hangs out on the sand with cabana boys handing me sangria or margaritas. Keep 'em coming.

The problem is that I cannot afford that lifestyle. For short periods of time, yes, but extended, no. It is such a shame that cash is needed. Sighhhhh. Warm sun and sandy beaches with blue-green crystal clear ocean should be free of charge. I sometimes think that there should be some way of taking the land mass of Canada out of North American and plunking it down somewhere in the South Pacific. There's room, we could fit! (I think). But that would cause problems for the rest of the world and so I will need to stop fantasizing about this happening. 

I receive emails from various travel websites and every time I see one I can't resist selecting the links that would take me to the sun destinations. And then I look at the price. Not so bad until I realize that the taxes for the vacation cost more than the vacation itself! I don't understand how taxes can be more that the actual price. Of anything. There is something seriously wrong with the math here. 150% tax?? I don't THINK so.

So I am stranded in the ice and snow until Spring peeks into the Northern Hemisphere and decides it's time to stay. It could be worse: I could live at the North Pole - the snow and ice never leave there.

It's February now; Spring is only three months or so away. I guess I could turn up the temperature in my home to tropical levels, but I don't want to waste energy. Maybe if I got a small wading pool, a sun lamp and some sand, it would be a close enough facsimile. Paint the ceiling blue with white fluffy clouds. Pretend there's a cabana boy with sangria. 

Nah. I'm just going to have to wait. I want the real thing.


Francesca Prescott said...

Hi Brooke, I feel exactly the same. I live in Switzerland, but skiing doesn't really do it for me anymore. Neither does snow, or rain, or cold... But sun, sand and sangria? Check out my website!
xx Francesca

Tim said...

Hi Brooke,

Sun, sand and sangria work for me too [:)], and also intensely dislike the accumulation of travel-related taxes. One of my pet peeves is of course the notorious Singles Supplement - being taxed for being single?! On top of all the other expenses?! Grrr. My PM is wanting the general public to help spend the country out of a recession -so how about he helps by freezing -or abolishing - the Singles Supplement? And no tax on sangria! :)

There's an excess of sun in my part of Oz right now though, with dangerously high UV, dries laundry in 1/2hr or less plus major fire risk, but so far nothing dramatic.

Stay well and enjoy the coming Spring,

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke,

Come to visit my country, and you will love my Town!!
Sunny days, wonderful and friendly people, many places to visit, to have fun, so nice to live in Rio de Janeiro!!!
Hugs, and Congratulations, I love all your blogs!!
from your brazilian and carioca friend.. and who was born in Rio de Janeiro, we call.. CARIOCA..
You will be my guest!!
Regina Samuel