Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Feel Good!

Those James Brown lyrics for his song of the same name are singing through my head and how true they are: "Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now". Well, I have to say I DO feel good. And I knew that I would. Eventually. And apparently, eventually has arrived.

And while the rest of the lyrics have to do with holding someone in my arms, I think I can do just fine for now with holding someone (my newest male protagonist) in my head. After all, sex is all in the brain.

Another reason to feel good? I received the initial edits for my first book from my editor, so I am happily working away on that.

A third reason to feel good? My whole extended family (two parents, two sisters, one brother-in-law, one brother-in-law-to-be, two nieces and one nephew) also are doing well and living their lives to the fullest.

A fourth reason to feel good? It's a bright sunny day here on Lake Ontario even if it is a little cool, but at least it's not snow. Yaay!

A fifth reason to feel good? I'm alive and getting healthier every day.

It's true that to have a happy life, one has to be grateful for the things that are going right in one's life and environment.

And right now, I feel good! Whoa-oa-oa! (Imagine me doing a James Brown dance)

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