Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A New Start

Life can be scary, especially if you're starting all over again. Making yourself anew. I should know. I am starting fresh with a brand new career - writing! I can hardly wait but I'm also apprehensive. What happens now?

Over the next while, I'll let you know how my new life is growing and improving.

Wish me Luck!


The Flower of Scotland said...

A new start is but a seedling planted; waiting silently for just that moment when the rays of light and nutrients of soil conspiring there to meet and say "I Am". And through that open door comes life a-flooding in; an avalanche of light and love. Above is seen the laden billows ripe with rain and waiting, too, to gush their bounty earthward upon the soil that cradles now your seed. A blushing flower is hidden deep within that husk and hears its life held captive in a melody from heav'n; "I Am" it whispers to itself; and so is born another life in Life's own warm embrace, come forth to sing the virtue held securely in its breast, the unfed flame.

Brooke London said...

A most elegant comment on starting a new life and one very much appreciated. Thank you, The Flower of Scotland.